and reconnect with your own unique rhythm for health and wellbeing
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to breath, smile and be present
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for mind and body connection

An Empowering Practice

While nature’s rhythm is slow to medium in pace, many of us live our lives in the fast lane on a different level.
When we lose touch with the rhythms of our body and nature, we become unbalanced and this can take a toll on us creating illness and general stress in our lives. Yoga Therapy can allow us to reconnect to the rhythms around us, be fully present, aware and in touch with ourselves, finding that balance again.
Our Services

What We Offer

Yoga Therapy Sessions
Offering a solid foundation from which to return to the flow and rhythm of the body.​
Yoga and Meditation Sessions
A connection between physical, mental and emotional states using breathing techniques and gentle movements.​
Corporate Workshops and Retreats

Utilise yoga, meditation, mindfulness and yoga therapy at your next corporate retreat, conference or workshop.


Meet Georgina

Georgina Burston was introduced to the techniques and benefits of Dru yoga after attending a workshop by chance. She has since graduated as a Dru yoga and meditation teacher. Most recently she has added Dru Yoga Therapy to her service offering, further enhancing her expertise and knowledge.

Georgina runs Rhythm of Life Yoga Therapy in beautiful north east Victoria. When she is not working with clients in her Benalla studio, you will find her on her farm out in nature or walking by the creek and often doing yoga with her beautiful cattle; who she refers to as her ‘amazing wise girls’.

It is this love of nature, combined with her personal understanding and knowledge of the important role yoga therapy can play holistically in your health and well-being that makes a treatment partnership with Georgina a unique and worthwhile experience.

"Begin today, empower yourself with a yoga therapy program and look at your health and well-being with fresh eyes and a new perspective!"


Rhythm of Life Yoga Therapy


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