Results I have Helped Create

I approached George from Rhythm of Life following a personal tragedy. I was familiar with the physical advantages from doing yoga, but I needed a yoga therapy to help me process my grief from the inside, to help me stay in the present and be more in tune with my emotions. I have found a combination of one on one therapy sessions and yoga classes to really help with my healing and processing of my grief’.

Felicity P

‘I was feeling very rattled and reactive with a recent diagnosis of a chronic disease and subsequent medication I had to commence when Georgina offered to assist me through yoga therapy. I was so sceptical that this could help me but I was proven wrong! I was definitely able to reduce my anxiety, lift myself out of my depressed state, increase my flexibility and found myself not focusing so much on my physical ailments and the long term prognosis but feeling able to manage the condition in a very positive way. Thank you Georgina I was definitely the winner from this suggestion.’

Rachel T

‘Georgina helped me when I felt totally lost after the breakdown of my marriage, using the yoga and relaxation techniques she gave me through yoga therapy I now feel more whole as a person again, able to smile and able to flow confidently again with the ups and downs of life’.

Liz B

‘I first saw Georgina when I was very unwell with Lyme disease and it’s subsequent treatment.
Being a Lyme sufferer herself she definitely understood the pain I was in and had a very good understanding of the treatment protocol.
She expertly determined what type of postures I’d be able to tolerate, creating a very specific take home plan for me and recorded the most beautiful relaxing meditation.
I am now clear of Lyme disease and still incorporate these postures into my day to day life and I owe a lot of that to Georgina for her expertise and also for assisting me to gather the appropriate treatment team around me. Her services were awesome and I can highly recommend her.’

Alison F

‘I came to Georgina's yoga classes, 6 years ago, at a time when I really needed them. As a more mature female, I am still working part time. Doing quite a bit of computer work, meant that my back and neck was often sore. Georgina's exercises have really helped to strengthen my muscles and relieve the tension in my neck.
I also had a debilitating childhood illness, infantile arthritis. This disease left me with lots of pain in my left knee. Three years ago, I had a full knee replacement. Georgina gave me some yoga therapy with wonderful pre and post-operative knee exercises, which really helped with my rehabilitation.
I understand more about my body through doing yoga with Georgina and now know several yoga postures, sequences and relaxations to keep my body in good shape in between my weekly yoga classes. I feel so much healthier and happier for doing yoga with Georgina’.

Cathy H