A solid foundation from which to return to the natural flow and rhythm of the body.

Very different from a general yoga class, Yoga Therapy offers a treatment plan customised to suit the individual needs of a patient, empowering them to take responsibility for and to nurture and promote their on-going health and wellbeing.

Georgina is strategy oriented, an educated problem solver who has experienced her own personal journey with chronic illness for over 20 years and knows first hand the benefits of yoga therapy.

In a professional space, Georgina uses her sound teaching skills in yoga, meditation and post graduate qualification in yoga therapy to develop a customised treatment plan for each of her client’s specific needs. Clients can choose to experience either face to face or virtual consultations with Georgina from her office and yoga studio.

Through yoga therapy Georgina can create a plan for many health and lifestyle issues. Some examples maybe adults living with chronic illnesses and ongoing health issues; those going through treatment for chronic and terminal illnesses; those suffering anxiety and depression, grief and loss; or general body aches and pains; or maybe for those just looking for more work life balance.

Yoga therapy is the perfect modality to “dovetail” with other health and medical professionals. Georgina’s treatment plans always importantly compliment and work in conjunction with any treatment and management plans provided by other health professionals.

Georgina works with health and medical professionals including GPs, podiatrists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, naturopaths and physcologists.

Begin today, empower yourself with a yoga therapy program and look at your health and well-being with fresh eyes and a new perspective!


Working Together

A professional and accredited practice that ‘dovetails’ with  other medical professionals and informs big picture thinking.

Rhythm of Life Yoga Therapy dovetails with other medical and health professionals to aid in a balanced treatment program covering all aspects of patient health.

Consultations with Georgina can either be face to face in her office and yoga studio or on-line by zoom; whatever best suits for you.

Offering individual Yoga Therapy treatment plans custom designed to suit individual and group needs.

Rhythm of Life Yoga Therapy works with:

  • GP’s, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Diabetes Facilitators,

    Kinesiologists, Psychologists and Naturopaths

  • Medically based information groups

  • Adults living with chronic illness or ongoing health issues

  • Adults going through treatment for chronic and terminal illness

  • People suffering from anxiety and depression

  • Work life balance strategies